Sarah Fenske
Phoenix New Times
For: “Mr. Big Stuff.” an investigation of the housing director of Maricopa County, AZ that revealed flagrant nepotism, cronyism and other corruption that forced his resignation and the reorganization of the department.


John Henion and Mariana van Zeller
Current TV
For: “Rape on the Reservation.” an examination of the increased incidence of rape committed by members of South Dakota's Rosebud Indian reservation against young women residents. The report brought to light the violent epidemic and the disturbing acceptance of this behavior by perpetrators who saw these crimes as part of normal behavior.


Matt Katz
The Philadelphia Inquirer
For: “Mired in Afghanistan,” which underscored the daunting challenges faced by a U.S. military Provisional Reconstruction Team in trying to help Afghanistan rebuild after decades of warfare. "Embedded" with a unit including many from the Philadelphia area, Katz focused on Nuristan province, but shed light on the broader struggle, including hostility between various branches of the NATO effort.


Sandra Mims Rowe
A 40-year career beginning at the (Norfolk, VA) Ledger-Star and culminating with the editorship of The Oregonian
Under her 17-year guidance, the staff won five Pulitzer prizes and became affectionately known to its reporters and editors as “Oregonian U,” for Rowe's enthusiastic endorsement of brown-bag seminars and a variety of other professional training opportunities.