Judges : National

The national judges panel for the Livingston Awards includes some of the most accomplished journalists in the country. After reviewing all finalists’ entries, the national judges meet in person to discuss the work and to select the top three entries.

Amanpour Christiane Amanpour, CBE
Global Affairs Anchor, ABC News

Chief International Correspondent, CNN, Host of CNN International's program "Amanpour"
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Auletta Ken Auletta, Author; Media and Communications Writer

The New Yorker
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Baquet Dean Baquet, Managing Editor

The New York Times
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Gibson Charles Gibson, Former Anchor, "World News"

ABC News
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Goodman Ellen Goodman
Author, Columnist, co-founder and director of The Conversation Project
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Harris John F. Harris

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Page Clarence Page Columnist and Editorial Board Member

Chicago Tribune
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Quindlen Anna Quindlen Author

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